The Planet Friendly Diet: self-guided nutrition course & 21-day meal plan


21 day course & meal plan with 1:1 (phone) coaching for $197!

For a limited time, I’m offering my blueprint book as a personal coaching package. This one month package including two x 1:1 coaching calls, and The Planet Friendly Diet print book.

Zero-waste, one portion meals, gluten, wheat, dairy and meat free

Give your eating patterns a complete makeover or just kick start a change towards a healthier life. The Planet Friendly Diet will motivate, educate and empower you! And it’s fully-illustrated with mouthwatering images of each internationally inspired recipe – easy to follow.

All single-portion recipes:

  • Use fresh, every day ingredients
  • Easy to put together
  • Have no leftovers (binge proof!)
  • Cost less than $5.00
  • Are under 500 calories
  • Take no more than twenty minutes to prepare
  • Gluten, wheat, dairy, soy and meat free

Follow the structured plan while getting personal strategy and direct feedback with the author! This program is designed to kick off your journey in healthier, lighter eating patterns by learning practical solutions to stop binge eating. This isn’t the kind of book you should buy off the shelf and navigate on your own. I wrote this book for my weight loss clients directly, as the menu plan for Whistler Fitness Vacations weight loss retreat.

When you and I go through this together, we can tweak and test it to optimize it to your tastes, preferences, ingredient availability and lifestyle. All without feeling like you’re ‘cheating’ on the plan, failing…

The way I see it, it’s GOOD to ask for help. Women don’t do that enough. It’s good to have a coach guide you through the blind spots that sometimes you can’t see.

Includes course material, meal plan, shopping list, and two x 1:1 strategy (intensive coaching) calls.


The Planet Friendly Diet challenges you to cook from home and go without eating land animals for 21 days, while taking a break from gluten, wheat, dairy and meat products. It’s a great way to try plant based cooking! This program teaches you to understand the food science behind why you want to overeat.

All meals are made without ingredients that trigger binge eating. After the course, you’ll be able to feel safe around any occasion where there is food, whether dining out or grocery shopping. The plan can be customized for your tastes, culture and preferences.

  • Gluten, wheat, dairy, soy and land animal free (fish is used). 1200 nourishing calories per day.
  • The Planet Friendly Diet makes cooking easy, with it’s one-portion weekly shopping list.
  • Zero-waste – everything is carefully calculated to use everything you buy in upcoming recipes. This means no deprivation or binge urges.
  • Fully illustrated with mouthwatering images of each (internationally inspired) recipe. Put exciting, healthy dinners on the table while reducing your food’s environmental impact.
  • All meals take less than 20 minutes to make, as we meal prep on Sundays.
  • One-portion meals that use fresh, every day ingredients and cost less than $5 in ingredients per meal.
  • Every meal is less than 500 calories.
  • The plan is moderately low carb (under 100 g net carb) and low sugar, suitable for diabetics.
  • Customized coaching with me, Cat, is included in this plan so we can go through the ingredients together before you start. In this time, we will switch out anything you don’t like with something that you do. We’ll set you up to love your meals!
  • All meals are Halal and Kosher.

Find peace with food

One of the most popular parts of Whistler Fitness Vacations is the nutrition workshops. I went to Massey University to study food science and am a certified Sports Nutritionist. My core strengths are in emotional eating and mastery of binge urges. I love supporting women with food choices, yo-yo dieting, and general mindset behind finding peace with food.

Booking Information

This package is available anytime. Start when you want!

Once you signup, I’ll ship the book to your billing address by default. Please email me if you have a different shipping address. The cost for this package is CAD $197 including tax and Canada-wide standard shipping via Canada Post. You can pay extra for DHL or express. USA and International shipping is billed extra based on method you choose. Package includes:

  • Strategy phone call prior to starting. Usually about 30 minutes, this call sets you up for success with customization as needed. In this call you’ll go through any changes or modifications required in your upcoming plan. Together, I’ll help you feel confident in your ability to cook the meals and stick with it! Also offering suggestions for any areas that may need extra attention.
  • Followup phone call on day 21 following The Planet Friendly Diet. This coaching call will review upcoming changes and continuation suggestions to stay on the positive track. The nature of the coaching calls can be either life coaching, nutrition education or health coaching – whatever support you need. It doesn’t look at the underlying reasons why you may be a binge eater – therapy is best for that. Coaching addresses how to map out strategies for future success.
  • Copy of The Planet Friendly Diet, sent to you.


Would you like to lose weight, feel great, and minimize the impact of your eating habits on the environment? The Planet Friendly Diet is a unique, all-inclusive blueprint for a greener lifestyle based on responsible dietary choices.

Jump start your journey to optimum health with the all-inclusive twenty-one day meal plan, and then apply the information in the accompanying nutrition guide to transform short-term success into long-term, sustainable results.

Leading body-transformation expert and former professional skier Cat Smiley shares her simple step-by-step program for a complete detox and reboot. The diet is meat, dairy, wheat and gluten-free, and comes with a weekly shopping list to ensure zero-waste. Cat Smiley is the owner of Canada’s premiere weight-loss retreat for women, Whistler Fitness Vacations.

The Planet Friendly Diet is a simple step-by-step program for a complete detox and reboot, exclusively for women who have 30 lbs or more to lose.

It’s suitable for diabetics, is very low soy, moderately low carbohydrate and sugar. The ingredients are chosen for their scientific properties in eliminating the side effects of giving up sugar, alcohol, salt, nicotine and junk food.

Reviews & Resources

Below reviews are for The Planet Friendly Diet book – not for this coaching package. These reviews don’t imply that they’ve worked with me on binge eating or weight loss. They’re simply a book review coordinated by my publisher. This review shows inside the book.

[Cat Smiley says], “Food is one relationship we all have in common.” It’s also information, affecting the expression of our genes while nurturing us with energy, connection and medicine. As Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.”— DR. KAREN VAN WYK, MD

With a bright, fresh perspective and well-rounded view on health, The Planet Friendly Diet is the book I travel around the world with!— KYLIE BAX, Supermodel and Mum

The Planet Friendly Diet book has taught me much more that just new recipes, it has taught me the impact of over-farming, over producing, and the waste we leave behind through over consuming. Cat Smiley’s new book aims to give readers a refreshed perspective on what we put into our bodies and also what we can give back to our planet – all while losing and/or maintaining a healthy weight. –

The Planet Friendly Diet connects the dots between a healthy environment and a healthy body. If more of us read this book and followed its sensible and inspiring message to eat, we’d all be better off.— DAVID TRACEY, author, Urban Agriculture

The Planet Friendly Diet will appeal to anyone who is looking for a guide towards healthier and smarter eating habits. For any women in her weight loss journey! –

The thing that drew me to this book was the layout. She gives you a weekly shopping list, what to prep when you get home from the grocery store… then just follow her daily recipes. I definitely recommend this book.-

What I immediately liked about the book is that I was given a background story. I found out why Cat chose to write this book and why she shared this diet. Her book doesn’t give a do this and that because it’s good for you and I said so vibe. In fact it feels like she is talking to you. Well at least to me it does.

She explains why things like carbohydrates are important and the two different kinds of carbs. You are provided with a 21 day meal plan. I have to say I have some that I know I will be trying. There is even a grocery list.

She provides great tips like how many calories you should take in. There is also some food journal pages included. I mean I really enjoyed reading this book. She also includes tips as to how your choice to be healthier benefits not only you but others. She helps you to understand the foods that you need to make the changes you need for a healthier life. –

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