Individual coaching packages

Coaching availability update, July 2020: I’m actively welcoming new clients for packages starting in October, with a few immediate openings for July.

YESSSSS!! High fives to you! You value yourself enough to be looking into getting a coach. It’s an investment with many positive returns. And a powerful act of self-care – to reach for the support that you need, so that you have more success in making changes in your life. I’m excited to have you here, and hope that you’ll reach out to talk more about working together.

With the right approach, we’ll unleash your full potential in ways you can’t possibly imagine. We’ll focus on wellness in every element of your life – mind, body and soul. I’m here to sound board, brainstorm, guide, listen… educate. Whatever you need from a coach, mentor, leader, outsiders point-of-view, friend. Sometimes that’s tough love, other times, quiet and non-judgemental listening.

Coaching is my passion and honor.

Below are my top 5 stats that backup my skills.

  1. A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for almost 20 years.
  2. 11 years of losing 1000 total pounds or more per year, with my combined client base.
  3. Average weight loss (for clients 230-260lb starting weight) is 23 lbs per month.
  4. Average time to lose 100lbs with me: 7 months and 2 weeks.
  5. I usually do 8 x 100lb weight loss projects per year.

I’m continually furthering my education, staying on top of the latest research so that I can give my best to clients. Working with me is detailed, strategic, organized & personal – respectful of your boundaries and comfort zone.

Sessions can be in-person on Vancouver Island or Whistler… or by facetime and phone. From May to August, 1:1 coaching is available to Westin guests in Whistler , developing and teaching a customized wellness plan. Implementation of this plan can be passed on to your trainer at home. It’s adaptable to any gym, with minimal equipment – great for frequent travellers. 

The Planet Friendly Diet: self-guided nutrition course & 21-day meal plan

The Planet Friendly Diet is our best value package at $197 CAD. It combines self-learning course with 1:1 coaching, modelled after the US Navy’s re-education system for overweight soldiers. Full meal plan included, suitable for beginner cooks.

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