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Vancouver Island

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Vancouver Island

After running my residential weight loss program in Whistler for over a decade, I saw that many wanted the ‘Whistler Fitness Vacations’ experience, but not the frills. Not everyone needed (or wanted) the added expense or excitement that came with being located in a hectic tourist town like Whistler. They just wanted to hunker down on their fitness and weight loss. Vancouver Island was the perfect solution!

My man and I bought a small acreage here a few years ago. I’m back-and-forth to Whistler in summer months, and in winter I’m based here. The new program on Vancouver Island will see significantly lower pricing than Whistler, and be able to operate in winter. It has all the best things about Whistler – gorgeous trails, nature, mountains and convenience – without the crowds and snow.

Situated in the northeastern Pacific Ocean of British Columbia, it’s the biggest island on the West Coast. You’ll love the ocean views and sunsets. Everything is close by, we’re near Nanaimo.

With the warmest climates in the country, ‘the island’ is known as the Hawaii of Canada. It’s mild enough to even grow olives and lemons. People swim in the ocean without wetsuits, and nearby Tofino is famous for surfing. 

Getting here

Whether you’re traveling from Vancouver International Airport (YVR), from within B.C., or inter-provincially it’s easy – and fun – to get here. Lodging is centrally located in an upscale hotel. For privacy reasons, we don’t share details on the internet as I work with quite a few high profile people (and the town is kinda small)…


There’ll be time at your residential weight loss program to explore the highlights of the area.  

  • Unspoilt natural beauty and peaceful pace.
  • Some of B.C’s most unspoilt natural beauty.
  • Lively music and arts scene. The time flies by.
  • Incredible sea life – explore the wild West Coast.
  • Plenty of cosmopolitan charm, nearby Victoria.
  • Cathedral Grove’s old-growth giants.
  • Horne Lake Caves provincial park.

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