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Getting up from the floor – how I teach this skill [RAW FOOTAGE]

Raw footage from one of today's fitness classes, at the beach - practicing the life skill of getting up from the floor safely.

Functional fitness class from todays weight loss camp

Getting up from the floor with confidence is a key part of feeling empowered, strong and independent. Knowing that you can play with your pets, kids or grandkids without second guessing your safety is worth the frustration of learning this skill.

I totally GET that theres a way to roll yourself over, and figure out how to get up if you truly have to. But what if you’re on a hot date and you really, well, just aren’t ready to show that method? Or if somewhere in the back of your mind, when you push your pride aside, you wish that this wasn’t a less-than-epic movement that you felt compelled to hide?

Really, honestly… I’ve been there. I know how much this sucks. But I also know how good it feels to have one.less.thing. that you have to figure out a way to hide from the world. You know, for prides sake. It’s hard and it’s annoying to face your inabilities. But we all have them. What separates those that let them hold them back and those who rise above them is those who figure out a way to practise, fail, fall and then get up again the next day and try again. I’m that person whose fallen over and over again.

And that’s why I push my team athletes to do the same. 

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getting off the floor

Gaining confidence in yourself

Perhaps you’re reluctant to be on the floor in public gyms, or group classes…many of my clients are. So today I took our team to the beach and in just 5 minutes, they conquered the challenge. Moving forwards for the remaining of our time together at WFV, we’ll be strengthening key muscles and balance to make this skill easier.

If you’d like to get better at getting up from the floor, basic conditioning exercises like wall site, chair squats and stretching your quadriceps will help. If you’ve got wobbly balance, train yourself to be less and less dependant on grabbing onto objects. Take time each day to include balance exercises in your daily fitness routine.


If practicing on your own

  1. Make sure there are no distractions – dogs running around, kids playing….
  2. Have someone nearby, ready to help you if needed
  3. Use a sturdy chair or sofa to give stability.

Hips lacking flexibility, or your core collapsing?

That’s okay! Struggle through the challenge (like in this video). Just because something is hard, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Practice it on a regular basis.

Shift your reason for exercising away from your weight, or feeling like you ‘should’ instead remembering all the little things like getting up off the floor that actually become HUGE BIG TERRIFYING FRUSTRATING TERRIBLE SOUL-SUCKING things to avoid if you sweep them under the rug too long.

If you’ve had knee or hip injuries, are afraid of not being able to get up, or you feel like it’s hard or painful, watch this video. It’s raw unedited footage from today’s class. When your body is failing you, it could be a game changer to know this technique.


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