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  • Vancouver Island residential weight loss camp (biggest loser style) – 1-3 months

    Pioneer Pricing Terms Of Sale

    Pioneer Pricing is in effect for our first season of operations with Vancouver Island residential weight loss camp. Special conditions are applicable, as registration is limited to a maximum of 4 select guests per session, with heavily discounted pricing to reflect below considerations:

    • Full balance due by wire within 7 days of deposit.
    • 100% forfeiture of registration once payment is made, except for reasons within our COVID-19 policy.
    • Reduced staffing - your stay will be led by WFV Fitness Director, Cat Smiley without our regular support staff.
    • Max 4 participants - normally we have up to 16 guests. Only 4 select, compatible in fitness levels, attitude towards sanitation and keeping safe with COVID as well as similar risk places from which they traveled from, will be placed in the session with you.
    • Program will be tastefully filmed for our future marketing purposes. By signing up you agree to be part of this inspiring incentive as a reduced rate Pioneer, to help WFV make this new program as successful as our Whistler location. To see examples of filming, check our praise page, and images on the site and social media.

    The unknown factor

    In the 1700’s map makers wrote ‘Here be Dragons’ on uncharted corners of the map. It was meant to warn people of  the unknown. This Vancouver Island weight loss camp has not been operated before, so by signing up, you realize that we might explore new trails without all the normal information on surrounding mountains etc, we might go to  locations that don’t work out, we might play around with the schedule a bit, and shop at new grocery stores. Please be encouraging and understanding to the Fitness Director if things aren’t as ‘on point’ as you’d expect from our Whistler location. With your kindness and support, we’ll get there faster. 

    Reduced staffing.

    While every effort is made to keep the pace of the group compatible and challenged during workouts, on nature walks in particular, the pace is based on the slowest person. Nature walks are an essential part of your experience, however might not be at the pace that gives you a workout. Please enjoy the benefits of camaraderie and being in nature, if the pace is slower than you’d normally like it. If you are the slowest person, please do not feel obliged to go faster than is recommended by your accompanying Fitness Director. 

    WFV Updated Covid Policy

    After the respective refund deadlines, should West Coast Fitness Vacations choose to cancel any program due to changing circumstances participants will have 2 options:
    1. Transfer to another available date offered within the calendar year, while still being offered the Pioneer Pricing.
    2. Receive a full refund for all fees paid to West Coast Fitness Vacations. WFV will not be liable for travel fees that are unrecoverable from your side, such as flights and time absent from work.

    West Coast Fitness Vacations will not operate the program if it is unsafe to do so, filtering enquiries to be as local to B.C. as possible, to those who have traveled from low-risk lifestyles (such as work-from-home individuals, and those without high interaction in daily activities. We are continually monitoring the COVID-19 situation to ensure best practices. If you develop COVID-19 or become unwell for any reason prior to arrival, it is your responsibility to sell or offer your trip to a friend or loved one to take your place, up until 32 days prior. Within 31 days of your arrival, we may still be able to change the name on the reservation however this is not guaranteed (we will do everything possible to make it happen though). You may not sell your trip for a higher price than you paid for it.


    Payment Schedule

    Deposit Payment: $995 by credit card.

    Final Payment: Balance payment by wire, must be received within 7 days of your deposit.

    Prepayment in full for entire stay is required within 7 days of booking confirmation by wire transfer or 100% forfeiture of deposit. This is non-refundable, and non-changeable except for the reasons noted in our updated COVID-19 policy.

    It is the participants responsibility to monitor travel restrictions as they relate to B.C. entry requirements and travel recommendations. Cancellations forfeit entire payment. It’s highly recommended to purchase trip cancellation insurance before prepaying in full. Rate cannot be combined with any other offer, group or prior reservation. Name changes are not permitted. Reservations may not be assigned or transferred to third party.

    If you cancel after paying the final balance (within 7 days of deposit payment), the forfeiture amount will be 100 percent. Be sure to get trip cancellation travel insurance (such as World Nomads) to secure your travel.

    Holding Your Reservation Credit card prepayment is required to reserve your room. To ensure that you receive this special rate, we’ll charge your credit card a prepayment ‘deposit’ of $995 CAD when you make your reservation. This deposit is not refundable for any reason.

    Modifying Your Reservation You may change the dates of your reservation to another available date for no charge for 7 days after your deposit. Once final payment has been made, modifications may not be made for any reason.

    100% Guaranteed Departure Once you sign up, your stay is confirmed. There are no minimum numbers of participants to operate this program.


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