Vancouver Island residential weight loss camp (biggest loser style) – 1-4 months

Residential weight loss camp in Vancouver Island Especially for women

Body positive residential weight loss camp in Vancouver Island – 1-3 months Specially designed program for women with 100 pounds or more to get in shape.

Body positive residential weight loss camp in Vancouver Island – designed for women with 100 pounds or more to lose. Join for 1-3 months and focus 100% on getting into shape, with personal training, healthy meals and full-time coaching support.

Vancouver Island Fitness Vacations

Sweat, move & learn with one month full-time focus, oceanside right here in B.C., Canada.

Affordable weight loss camps, monthly from Sept 2020 to May 2021 (year-round soon!)

This weight loss camp is a full-time fitness weight loss boot camp for women with 50-200 lbs to lose. Priced from $12,775/CAD per month for solo-occupancy.

  • Max 4 guests per month
  • Outdoor workouts only
  • All COVID procedures
  • Hiking several days a week

Join a team of 3 fabulous women like you (who start-and-finish their session at the same time) in beautiful Parksville, B.C. NOTE: registration is currently open for travellers from within Canada.

Learn the right way to stay fit, without gym membership

Our new Vancouver Island location offers Cat Smiley hosted intensive fitness retreats for beginner fitness levels. It’s similar to The Biggest Loser in many ways, but without the drama and extremity. You’ll boot camp throughout the day with a minimum of 3 hours fitness, carefully designed with your safety as top priority. Hiking is on the schedule nearly every day at beautiful nearby trails.

Lodging is in upscale oceanside resort, Sunrise Ridge Resort steps from the beach with your own full kitchen. There’s no fee for your non-participating guest sharing your room. Your room is private, suitable for remote working. All sessions are steered towards major weight loss, beginner fitness levels.


This fitness camp is truly a mental toughness program. All workouts – flexibility, strength, cardio, agility, conditioning – and activity is outside. We take shelter for workouts when needed in the forests and beachside gazebos, throughout winter. We will not be using public gyms, pools or community areas. Group classes are a combination restorative, high intensity fitness sessions in the forest, field and beach. You’ll be outdoors throughout the day, even in the middle of winter! Almost every day we’ll be hiking in forest and beach trails.

Social distancing is easy

Stay at our weight loss camp for 1-4 months and focus 100% on getting into shape. You’ll experience personal training, healthy meals and loads of coaching support.

Accommodation is included, with each guest their own gorgeous private vacation rental steps from the beach. Complete with your own full kitchen, guests cook their own meals each day with provided ingredients from The Planet Friendly Diet. Your room is private, suitable for remote working.

All sessions are steered towards major weight loss and mobility. Led by Cat Smiley, WFV’s Fitness Director, your activity schedule and training uses evidence based strategies for sustainable, permanent change.

Invest in results!

This package is right for you if you’re ready to rebuild your health from the ground up. It’s especially great for post weight loss surgery (or as a bariatric weight loss alternative). You’ll learn how to rebuild healthy habits, holistically.

Review WFV’s safety update for upcoming wellness retreats in B.C.  

Booking update (Oct 19)

$12,775 Special Rate or $14,995 Regular Rate (choose your preferred price after reviewing terms).

Rates shown are in Canadian dollars including tax, per month, per person. Includes lodging, food (ingredients that you cook yourself) and program fees 5 hours per day, 5 days per week. Multiple months are not discounted further than the rate shown. Complimentary days after the weight loss camp are offered to guests during below winter months. Food isn’t included for these days.

Book for one to four months, arriving on any of below available dates.

  • Oct 4 | In session
  • Nov 1 | SOLD OUT 
  • Nov 29 | 2 spaces open (condensed to finish WFV Dec 23, full month of lodging included that rolls over into Jan 3 session, if you’d like to do 2 months)  
  • Jan 3 3 spaces open.  
  • Jan 31 | SOLD OUT
  • Feb 28 | 3 spaces open.   
  • April 4 2 spaces open.  

Summer registration will open Jan 20, 2021. We can put your name down for your preferred date, and offer you the space when registration opens before anyone else. Anticipated pricing is around $4,000 higher than winter. We won’t know until next year.

weight loss camp parksville

What’s the difference between the rates?

Conditions apply in consideration of special pricing, including full payment by wire within 7 days of deposit and filming notice in effect. We’ll be making beautiful film stories about your transformation experience with you the focal point and star! You might also star in filmed workouts that are part of youtube or upcoming home courses for WFV, or apps. You can read the details prior to your enquiry call with Cat. You still get all the programming of the Regular Pricing in your stay.

Regular pricing doesn’t require payment until 45 days prior and no filming is conducted of your stay for our website or media. We opened up Special Pricing as a pandemic deal to help make our program more affordable to Canadians in exchange for something WFV also benefits from. However, we understand how important complete privacy is also so for that reason, offer Regular Pricing as an option.


Note, private vehicle is required during your stay – either a rental from the airport if traveling inter-provincially or your own car. Parking is free for the duration of your weight loss camp, with transport is provided during program hours. Having a vehicle will significantly improve your stay satisfaction as you’ll have independence to get around on weekends/evenings. Taxi service is minimal during COVID days unfortunately in Parksville. This extra step of requiring a private vehicle gives our guests an extra step of protection from airport and public transportation exposure risk.


Weekends are completely free. There are no scheduled activities or tasks – you can explore the area or leave the lodging to travel or visit friends. Non-participating friends and guests can stay with you for no charge at any time (as long as they don’t de-rail your progress).


Beyond dramatic weight loss and increased fitness, you’ll peel back the layers of various dialogues in your head that may be holding you back. You’ll gain confidence and clarity to put together your own food, fitness and lifestyle plan. You’ll also know exactly how to progress your workouts safely and effectively, plus meet wonderful women like you also doing the program.

With clearly defined and achievable targets that meet you at your level, the combination of support and work book makes it easy to take things one day at a time, and SMASH your goals!

Beautiful, upscale lodging

We’re excited to partner with Sunrise Ridge Resort & Spa in Parksville, B.C.

Eat, Move, Learn

We don’t just get you back into shape – we teach you how to make this a way of life. Throughout the day between workouts and weather windows, there’ll be learning opportunities through small group workshops and personal coaching. You’ll become educated, inspired and motivated to get into the best shape of your life – and most importantly – maintain it.

  • Personalized, integrative platform that guides, motivates and educates women of beginner fitness level. It’s a great starting point towards embarking upon a major weight loss journey, 100 pounds or more.
  • Help you find peace with food, while ditching the ‘all or nothing’ mentality surrounding intensive fitness programs.
  • Normalize your relationship with exercise consistency and emotional eating.
  • Get through the annoying and uncomfortable beginner exercise phase with humor, support and tough love.
    Learn to love moving your body, in a way that doesn’t overwhelm.
  • Learn to balance (and organize) life’s priorities.
  • Have soulful discovery of athletic programming that meets you at your level.
  • Get coached like a contestant on The Biggest Loser, except with more kindness (and definitely less drama)! Cat will personally balance your training threshold with results focused intensity. Every day you’ll feel empowered and successful.
  • Love, nurture and lift you through permanent life change while slimming towards healthy weight.

Together, we’ll work through the same program as Whistler Fitness Vacations. It will unlock your potential and achieve incredible change – in every area of your life, with the customization you need.

Inclusive weight loss camp

We package everything together so you don’t get hit with extra bills. Want some personal training? You got it. No extra charge. Whatever you need within the scheduled activity, based on the groups customized schedule. In a nutshell, your program fees include lodging, ingredients for your food during the program, taxes, transportation during program hours, and 5 hours activity per day, Monday to Friday.

It doesn’t include getting to Parksville, food during the complimentary days of lodging at the end of your trip, things that you’ll need to bring. Your packing list includes a few higher priced items, like blender, heart rate monitor, outdoor athletic clothing and of course, getting to the island. We can lend you a blender and bathroom scale.

All sessions are steered towards major weight loss and mobility. Led by Cat Smiley, WFV’s Fitness Director, your activity schedule and training uses evidence based strategies for sustainable, permanent change.

What’s included

Lodging at the Sunrise Ridge Resort & Spa
Lodging at the Sunrise Ridge Resort & Spa for the duration of your program. We’ve also added 3 complimentary days to your stay in case you’d like to take your time after the wellness retreat to explore.
Team grocery shop each week with ingredients
Team grocery shop each week with ingredients paid by WFV for the duration of your program. You cook your own meals, in your private room, just like at home. Can adapt to your tastes and preferences.
Amazing body transformation
Amazing body transformation – lighter, stronger and fitter. You’ll feel better physically, mentally, spiritually.Motivation, clarity, education and peaceful realizations to make this whole weight loss thing DOABLE. Not only that, it will be enjoyable and empowering.
Daily weight loss retreat schedule from 9am to 2pm
Daily weight loss retreat schedule from 9am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. This includes activity, nature walks, boot camp on the beach, or restorative workouts, personal training and coaching, guided nutrition and much more.
New friends!
You’ll sweat, eat, meal plan, workout, cry, laugh and transform with the same 4 women for one full month. Even though you have your own private residence, there’s social opportunity as much as you’d like.
21 day plant-based meal plan
21 day meal plan, gluten, wheat, dairy, soy and meat free that includes 2 smoothies and one delicious meal. You’ll learn to menu plan with your own tastes and preferences.
Personal development & coaching
Personal development to get unstuck and upgrade your actions and behavioural changes towards healthy living. You’ll gain confidence and build healthier self esteem, fitness and body image.Daily reflections, questions, and task lists to empower and inspire. Personalized fitness, nutrition or motivational support to keep accountable and on track.

Delicious, Wholesome Nutrition

Guests at the wellness retreat cook their own meals with provided ingredients in their oversized private kitchen. We follow The Planet Friendly Diet and customized meal plans to suit their tastes, preferences and comfort (fish, eggs, cheese but no other dairy or land-animal meat). We also batch cook as a group on weather days and make the experience as close to home as possible. The goal is to make the food plan as low waste, gluten, wheat, dairy and meat free as possible so you can benefit from detoxing benefits.

coach for how to stop bingingThe meal plan includes two super smoothies per day and one delicious meal. You’ll also have option for snacks as needed and be drinking a ton of water. This program is designed to kick off your journey in healthier, lighter eating patterns by learning practical solutions to stop binge and emotional eating.

Our meal plan isn’t like at other health retreats…

We believe in realistic changes that you can bring home with you, and feel happy doing when at the weight loss camp.

  • 1200 calories per day total – 2 smoothies and one meal – with intermittent fasting (12:12).
  • You can drink coffee and tea! We wouldn’t let you do this program decaffeinated… haha
  • We support meat eating 100% but require you refrain from it during your stay.
  • Guests cook their own meals. Why? Two main reasons: to make the stay more of a training for when you go home and less like a vacation. And to reduce the costs for you. Click here to compare our pricing to other wellness retreats that have a chef prepared meal 3x day. It’s at least 30% higher in cost.

the planet friendly diet

The Planet Friendly Diet is suitable for diabetics, is very low soy, moderately low carbohydrate and sugar. The ingredients are chosen for their scientific properties in eliminating the side effects of giving up sugar, alcohol, salt, nicotine and junk food.

With a bright, fresh perspective and well-rounded view on health, The Planet Friendly Diet is the book I travel around the world with!— KYLIE BAX, Supermodel and Mum

We’re moving away from The Planet Friendly Diet as part of our new beginnings in Parksville – however will be using it as a base for adapted menus. This book was in stores around North America until the end of last year. Read reviews here, and here, and here, and and here.

[Cat Smiley says], “Food is one relationship we all have in common.” It’s also information, affecting the expression of our genes while nurturing us with energy, connection and medicine. As Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.”— DR. KAREN VAN WYK, MD

Please note, these reviews don’t imply that they’ve worked with me on weight loss. They’re simply a book review coordinated by my publisher. The Planet Friendly Diet is a simple step-by-step program for a complete detox and reboot, exclusively for women who have 30 lbs or more to lose.

Become a great cook!

All meals are made without ingredients that trigger binge eating. After the course, you’ll be able to feel safe around any occasion where there is food, whether dining out or grocery shopping. The plan can be customized for your tastes, culture and preferences.

  • Gluten, wheat, dairy, soy and land animal free (fish is used). 1200 nourishing calories per day.
  • The Planet Friendly Diet makes cooking easy, with it’s one-portion weekly shopping list.
  • Zero-waste – everything is carefully calculated to use everything you buy in upcoming recipes. This means no deprivation or binge urges.
  • Fully illustrated with mouthwatering images of each (internationally inspired) recipe. Put exciting, healthy dinners on the table while reducing your food’s environmental impact.
  • All meals take less than 20 minutes to make, as we meal prep on Sundays.
  • One-portion meals that use fresh, every day ingredients
  • Every meal is less than 500 calories.
  • The plan is moderately low carb (under 100 g net carb) and low sugar, suitable for diabetics.
  • Customized coaching with me, Cat, is included in this plan so we can go through the ingredients together before you start. In this time, we will switch out anything you don’t like with something that you do. We’ll set you up to love your meals!
  • All meals are Halal and Kosher.

Find peace with food

One of the most popular parts of Whistler Fitness Vacations were the nutrition workshops. I went to Massey University to study food science and am a certified Sports Nutritionist. My core strengths are in emotional eating and mastery of binge urges. I love supporting women with food choices, yo-yo dieting, and general mindset behind finding peace with food.


Hey there, this is Cat – certified Master Trainer and licensed fitness therapist with 20 years experience. I think it’s important that you learn more about me before deciding on this trip. I specialize in beginner fitness levels and coaching major weight loss transformation.

Health is so much more than fitness, and there’s often a pretty good reason why my clients have come to be overweight.

I work with these reasons, not against them… helping them to navigate their physical activity through whatever storm they’re going through (or have been through). This could be cancer, chronic illness, or learning to walk again with an athletic gait. Together, we find the best workout in a way that makes them feel empowered, optimistic and strong. This restores their ability to enjoy movement, so that daily living is easier.

Your LAST shape-up plan!

If you’re serious about pushing your body transformation to the peak of where it can go within the medical boundaries of safety, WFV weight loss camp is for you. I say ‘within the medical boundaries’ because 1200 calories is pretty darn low unless extremely carefully and knowledgeably designed. And exercising to higher intensity heart rate often requires me to coach you out of the enjoyable zone.

It takes courage for me to make unpopular choices with guests sometimes, but I am paid to push you and this is something I take very seriously. For this reason, I became a master trainer and this extra training gave me the coaching skills to take our guests to new heights.

I’m also a certified sports nutritionist and the food plan has been approved by both doctors and dieticians. It’s suitable for diabetics and those who’ve had gastric bypass or weight loss surgery. Think of our program as ‘getting in shape one last time’.

Vancouver Island weight loss camp will not only slim you down to healthy weight, it’ll get you through the awkward beginner stages of exercising that feel uncomfortable and often boring. Together, it’ll walk with you towards moving into intermediate workout programming, which frankly is a heck of a lot more fun, and more social for most folks.

Food Plan

My nutrition philosophy is about getting back to basics with the natural foods of the soil. The Planet Friendly Diet includes two smoothies per day and one meal of 400-500 calories that is gluten, wheat, dairy, meat and (option to be) soy free. It’s moderately low carbohydrate but is not keto.

The plan is 1200 healthy calories per day that are high in phytonutrients and antioxidants. Yes – coffee is welcomed – up to 300mg per day of caffeine, but it’s an alcohol detox. You’ll receive detailed shopping lists with ingredients for one portion meals and no left overs. It’s 100% zero waste to alleviate binge triggers or grazing after dinner!

We focus on alkaline foods that will rebalance your body and maintain pH levels, while including chlorophyll-rich foods every day, which will help purify your blood and boost your immune system.

Workout Plan

The exercise plan includes three hours of daily, guided personal training and group classes. We try to cover all the components of fitness each day including balance, strength, agility, power and aerobic conditioning. Activities are doable, safe and results focused – outside. Training targets are clearly defined and progress with you.

Typical Day

Every day, you’ll work from 9am to 2pm with your assigned fitness leader and group. The weight loss camp activity schedule includes 3 hours daily physical activity, with one hour in each training zone.

Low intensity might be stretching on the beach, using props as needed to adjust traditional yoga poses. Or it could be a weight training workshop, using bodyweight and dumbbells to build strength without the gym.

Medium intensity might be a fast paced nature walk by the ocean for an hour, as you work towards achieving your daily step quota. This step count is tracked with exertion and intensity guided by your trainer, to ensure you’re pushing to the right level.

High intensity could be an agility workshop, using conditioning ladders and medicine balls. We could try gentle running, even if for 20 seconds. Then do guided squats using a park bench for modification. Those with higher fitness levels will be doing the more advanced version of the same exercises.

We all train together, at different paces but towards the same common goal. There’s team accountability which requires everyone to give their best each workout, within their abilities. We’ve got 5 hours to complete 3 hours of workouts within everyone in the groups training zones.

Designed for you

West Coast Fitness Vacations has our fitness director, Cat Smiley leading all of the Vancouver Island wellness retreats this season, which means our very best structure, organization and time efficiency. If we finish ahead of schedule, workshops and group talks are added. We’ve got a life coaching and educational curriculum to get through in the week, and take every opportunity to do that between workouts.

Monday is a team grocery shop – everyone follows the set meal plan of The Planet Friendly Diet. This is a plant-powered, zero waste nutrition plan that is medically approved to fuel your workouts on a calorie reduction diet. Your daily caloric intake is 1200 calories. The food plan is in the process of change, moving towards a guest-designed vegetarian meal plan. This plan will be individualized with every guest, with recipe creation and batch cooking as part of the days group activity.

After 2pm, you’re free for the rest of the day. Perhaps you’ll catch up with family or work, wander into town, enjoy the nearby spa, go for a swim. The time goes by quickly, and you’ll have the camaraderie of your team members to share this life changing experience with you.

At 5pm, you’ll make your own dinner. The recipes are easy to follow, without binge triggers using West Coast style of cooking. It’s fresh, healthy and delicious.

We recommend that guests go to bed early, so they can wake up energized to do it all again tomorrow!

Dates & Rates

Registration is open for September to May sessions. Summer weight loss camps are in development, estimated to be priced around $18,000 CAD inclusive per month. We’re creating multi-sport adventure programming just like Whistler Fitness Vacations.

As part of our COVID-19 safety plan, West Coast Fitness Vacations is limiting registration to 4 guests per session throughout the 2021 season.

hiking wellness spa retreatBook your stay in 3 simple steps!

1 – Choose your start date.
2 – Choose your rate (one bedroom suite)
  • $12,775 Special or $14,995 Regular Rate per month.
  • Conditions apply for Special Rate – review them here. 
3 – Schedule a registration call

Get in touch, to have a detailed conversation with the fitness director. As we only have room for 4 guests per session, it’s necessary to place guests in compatible groups based on their starting points.

Is this wellness retreat package right for you?
  1. You’re working towards 50 to 200 lb weight loss.
  2. Being lighter would improve your overall quality of life.
  3. Your flat treadmill mile at fastest walk, jog or run is between 13 and 25 minutes.
  4. Walking for up to two hours is enjoyable and pain free.
  5. You’ve had at least 35 birthdays and are female.
  6. Being active everyday in a small group of like-minded women excites you. You’re cool with group paces being based on the lowest ability level in our group of 4. You are ready to give your best effort and not hold back, even if it’s hard sometimes.
  7. No smoking, alcohol or food outside of our plan is a challenge you’re ready to take on!

Get in touch here to take the first step towards registration.

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