Why every past diet failed – and what you should do instead

"One of the best wellness retreats in Canada - I'm glad I came here"

“One of the best wellness retreats in Canada – I’m glad I came here”

I work a lot with people who’ve had success in their weight loss previously, but it hasn’t led to sustainable results. This case study shares the (little known) coaching hack that I use with my clients to have breakthroughs – even through they’ve done it a hundred times before!

Diane reminded me why I work so hard to offer the best wellness retreats in Canada. She’s a wonderful career memory for me, an inspirational woman who taught me so much. Having her for a month at my Whistler wellness retreat gave us lots of time to work together.

After her stay we kept in touch. One day after a particularly tough day at work I received an email – subject line ‘SKINNY GIRL’ and a photo, 40 pounds down. We did it! She’s turning 65 and 65 pounds lighter than ever in her life!

I came up to Whistler Fitness Vacations because I hit a spot in my life where I had just given up! I lost who I was, and I didn’t know where to go, or how to find myself. So I started looking on the internet for fitness and weight loss retreat programs. I wanted to find the best wellness retreats in Canada and I found it.  They have people here of all ages. It’s a dog friendly health retreat that truly met my needs. 

I happened to have some physical limitations and I knew I was going to need special attention, and I got it. Cat Smiley and her live in fitness team were able to work with me at my pace, and I actually had something really amazing happen. I lost the weight!

I’d been trying for one year with trainers, working out with diets and I could never lose anything. Not a single pound. Got here, a few weeks and it happened!

Probably even more special than the weight loss is that I found myself again. All the pieces fell back together. One of the best wellness retreats in Canada – I’m glad I came here.

Tips For Success

The right motivation has a vital role in the achievement of our goals.

If you’ve been on many weight loss attempts, you’re like most of our customers! Perhaps you’ve got a ton of knowledge on healthy nutrition and exercise, yet somehow can’t stick with it. You may have lost weight several times before, feeling motivated when the weight came off.  

Yet slowly, an exception to their healthy choices was needed – a vacation, injury, illness perhaps. Or perhaps, like in Diane’s situation, the results weren’t there (so the motivation wasn’t either). 

Perhaps this led to a few days of workouts were skipped, then a few extra high calorie choices. Days turned into weeks, then months with your health on hold. Sound right? This often leads to old habits coming back, along with the weight. 

Intrinsic motivational tactics for long lasting change.

Scientifically there are two motivation types: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic motivation is external, and often the reason why people start new weight loss programs. Things like compliments, likes on social media, encouraging remarks from friends.

This recognition is often what people hope to have be losing weight, as well as their physical appearance. Having your looks change is motivating and exciting, yet eventually this will stop. Similar to a broken leg versus a concussion. With a broken leg everyone give you sympathy but a head injury is invisible, which inevitably means that people have less patience with you.

Intrinsic motivation includes all that motivates you from inside. That fire that burns to excel and succeed from within while allowing you to enjoy the process. You love to see your body get fitter, smaller, to move better. You’re sleeping better and craving healthy choices, with more energy than you’ve felt in years!

These are the intrinsic motivators that you’ll see at all Cat Smiley coaching and retreat programs. It’s what will achieve long term habits and make you stick with them. If you want help setting your goals realistically and finding your intrinsic motivation, get in touch!

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