How our program gave Audrey confidence in her physical ability

“This weight loss fitness retreat makes me feel stronger”

“This weight loss fitness retreat makes me feel stronger”

Audrey joined my weight loss fitness retreat in Whistler with her mother – mostly to enjoy an active travel experience together. After reviewing her diet, I quickly identified that hydration was minimal. This was effecting her energy and weight loss progress, which is partly why she lost so much weight in her first few days with us.

I came to Whistler Fitness Vacations to become more active in my life back home. I just moved to Quebec, where I got to know new friends who like to move and be active. So that’s why I am here, I want to do more of that.

I realized today that I can do better than I thought I could do. This weight loss fitness retreat makes me feel stronger! I didn’t think that I’d be able to climb up this mountain today, but here I am! So I can now go back and feel good about doing things with my friends. I always say no because I don’t think I can follow their fitness pace. But now, I think I would be able to do it.

It’s only been 3 days at this live in fitness retreat but I’ve lost 3 pounds already.

Why drinking water is important

Drinking water is important to your fitness, health and weight loss goals for many reasons.  

Water is key lubricant in the body, but it is also the primary solvent which meant it helps to break down almost all other substances that come into the body. Think of it as the message carrier throughout your tissues.

It makes up 96% of your blood and helps maintain electrolyte balance. Water helps to keep the body temperature regulates, resulting in fewer headaches and muscle fatigue. Plus it helps in keeping the kidneys functioning properly. Your water intake greatly assists in immune response.

Lastly, drinking enough water for your daily activities will keep your energy high. The reason that it helps to reduce how lethargic you feel is because it hydrates your muscle and tendon tissues. This process heals them faster after your workouts.

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