Why Cat chose us for her ‘Biggest Loser’ experience (at 277 lbs)

Why Cat chose us for her 'Biggest Loser' experience (at 277 lbs)

“Incredible boot camp weight loss vacation”

Cat joined our boot camp weight loss vacation from Ontario, as the first step towards her 100 pound weight loss journey. She lost over 25 pounds in her 4 weeks at Whistler Fitness Vacations and got a safe start towards continued fitness. Click here to see The Planet Friendly Diet that she followed while here, and here to see her fitness program. We’re striving to be one of Canada’s best weight loss retreats for women like Cat!

My name is Cat Santos Viera, I’m 21 years old. My goal is eventually to have 100 pound weight loss.

I looked everywhere for beginner fitness retreats both in Canada and the U.S. I’d seen The Biggest Loser on TV wanted something similar. In four weeks at Whistler Fitness Vacations, I lost 25 pounds! I’m so happy. This weight loss camp will help make you a better you. I know that it helped me.

I started at 277 pounds on my first day at Whistler and this is my last day at fat camp! Cat Smiley’s coaching pushed me forward. She’s there to help guide everyone. I trust her with my life!

To the whole Whistler team… thank you so much for the experience, and everything. Thank you for just being here! It’s been the most amazing boot camp weight loss vacation that I could possibly hope for. I look forward to my new life ahead.

How to lose 100 pounds safely

Losing weight will allow your body to strengthen your bones and relieve joints. If you get moving with a regular exercise you’ll reduce risk of dangerous disease. From hypertension, stroke, to heart disease and arthritis.  

Stay positive! You’re not too heavy to exercise – start walking for fitness today! Exercise greatly increases your metabolism. Normally your body has two sources of energy, one from the stored fats and muscle glycogen, and the other from the food you just ate.

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