Learn the metabolic principals that helped Laurissa shed 55 pounds!

“Cat Smiley coaching gave me the kick start I needed”

Cat Smiley coaching gave me the kick start I needed

Laurissa signed up for a Cat Smiley Coaching package for in-person meetings, as she lived in Whistler. I invited her to join our workouts at Whistler Fitness Vacations one morning, when we were filming our marketing videos and she had a blast!

In our nutrition coaching, key lessons were resetting her metabolism. I shared a campfire analogy – that metabolism is an energy-burning system, like a campfire. The wood keeps the fire going in the same way food keeps us going. If there is too much food in the body to be metabolized, it will turn to fat.

People are often amazed to learn that the body stores about 80,000 excess calories as fat. That’s about 22 pounds of extra weight. What we must do to rebalance our bodies is (metaphorically) like putting the right amount of wood on the campfire, to keep it run steadily until it is put out. Deficit needs to happen for sustainable weight loss.  

The Planet Friendly Diet was really easy to follow (and I’m not much of a cook). The recipes used satisfying ingredients that tasted good, and reduced the cravings. It was simple to stick with! Cat Smiley coaching gave me the kick start I needed to both fine-tune my nutrition, and learn the best way of eating for me. I’ve been able to adapt the principals of the book into my regular diet.

I lost around 30 pounds the first 8 weeks that I was following The Planet Friendly Diet.

My total weight loss is now around 55 pounds.

Tips For Success

  • Having a healthy lifestyle is both a habit and a skill. And just like in any skill you want to master, you need to have commitment. Keep your eyes on the goal!
  • Focus on what you can do today. As you become fitter, new options will be available for you with harder challenges. Go through the beginner stages until you’re ready for the next level.
  • Keep track of your food and exercise. You will be more motivated when you see on paper how far you’ve gone.
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