How Fiona shifted her mindset on fitness & found workout consistency

“I Loved My Fitness Getaway In Whistler”

“I Loved My Fitness Getaway In Whistler”

Do you find yourself easily losing sight of your goal? Even a small change can turn your fitness journey upside down. Motivation is easier than commitment, so it’s important to find an exercise program that is sustainable. Fiona shares how her time at Whistler Fitness Vacations helped her build better habits.  

Hello, I’m Fiona. I loved the idea of a fitness getaway from everything. Fitness is more than just moving muscles – its getting your head in the right mindset.

The first few weeks are tough. It’s a boot camp weight loss retreat – definitely! You move continuously, everything hurts…but you get help with stretching, it’s a balanced program. I love the trails here – it’s a great place for hiking weight loss retreats. The scenery is soul nourishing in its own way.

I chose this health retreat also because you cook for yourself, learning healthy eating for weight loss and energy. It’s a pescatarian diet and it’s terrific!

Whistler Fitness Vacations is very sustaining fitness getaway, and you build healthy habits that can easily be continued. I got a lot of help with learning to be consistent, which really helped my stamina.

Trainer Tip:

Stop saying you’ll start tomorrow….

If you feel like your inability to be consistent in your exercise is what is holding you back

  • remind yourself of the lifestyle that you envision.
  • Why do you want to lose weight and get fit?
  • Write it down, putting pen to paper
  • is a great way to stay accountable to your goals.

Many guests at our weight loss retreats in Canada are excited to start working out. Yet they delay their starting day, pushing ‘tomorrow’ forward until it eventually does not happen at all. Postponing the starting day is a sure-fire way to lose enthusiasm. There’s so much that could be said on this subject, but if you can stick to your starting date, you’re taking a valuable first step to success.  

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