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West Coast Fitness Vacations – our safety plan for reopening

West Coast Fitness Vacations is ready to reopen in September, with revised safety plan for upcoming fit getaways & weight loss camps.

WFV fit getaways & wellness retreat update

West Coast Fitness Vacations is proud to operate some of the best wellness retreats in B.C. and like the rest of the travel industry, forced closure has been tough! Fast forward almost 6 months since the pandemic hit, we’re now ready for reopening. But not just any reopening! With a new website, programs, partners and location – we’re excited to be bringing you our revised fit getaways.  


With repeat customers coming back every year to our wellness retreat in Canada from around the world, we lost these bookings when the borders closed. In light of this, we swiftly moved into becoming more of a local based company. This included a changed business name (W Fit Vacations) and extended, year round wellness retreat operations.  

For the remainder of the 2020 season and until June, 2021, wellness retreats will be exclusively hosted by Cat Smiley. As a result, a maximum of 4 guests of similar ability and starting point per session will be in attendance.

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Max 4 guests per wellness retreat host

From now until December 2021, we’ll be operating each wellness retreat with a maximum of four guests per retreat host. As guest numbers are reduced as much as 25%, to avoid this also resulting in 75% revenue reduction, we’ve extended the season by adding Vancouver Island location. Registration is by phone only, to ensure that you’re placed in a compatible group.

Travellers from within Canada only

West Coast Fitness Vacations is taking a conservative approach in reopening to International travellers – even when the borders reopen. We will be waiting for when guests can carry travel insurance that protects them to the fullest extent. This might not happen until there is a vaccine. For this reason, until further notice, we are limiting registration to travellers from within Canada.

Special pricing is in effect, with some conditions applicable in consideration of this special pricing.

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Calendar for fit getaways and wellness retreats 

SEPT – MAY: (1-4 months, led by Cat) Vancouver Island, Residential Weight Loss Camp  

MAY – AUG: (1-8 weeks, Led by Cat) Whistler Fitness Vacations luxury weight loss retreat

MAY – AUG: (1-56 days, led by WFV Team) Hiking for weight loss – plus size guided hiking tours in Whistler

MAY – AUG (1-2 weeks, led by WFV Team) Luxury beginner hiking & wellness spa retreat in Whistler 

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What’s the difference between locations?  

  1. Vancouver Island fit getaways have personal training, where normally Whistler wellness retreats are small group classes and guiding. This may change for the upcoming season, as participation numbers will be limited. 
  2. Whistler weight loss retreat programs are hiking based, with biking and kayaking included. Vancouver Island health retreats include nature walks as part of the workouts, with focus on fitness classes. These classes are exclusively outdoor.
  3. Lodging for the residential weight loss camp on Vancouver Island is upscale, and quite luxurious. However Whistler is a world class mountain resort, known to be one of the most luxury towns in Canada. Here, everything is priced higher it seems.
  4. In Whistler our partnership is exclusively with the Westin Resort & Spa Whistler, a category 7 Marriott property. On Vancouver Island, our lodging partners are wonderful vacation rentals, steps from the beach. Amenities for your health retreat on Vancouver Island and overall lodging experience is significantly different. 
  5. The Vancouver Island weight loss camp is not a ‘luxury weight loss retreat.’ Here, you roll up your sleeves everyday to push harder than yesterday. In Whistler, you can enjoy more pampering and enhanced customer service. 
  6. Whistler weight loss retreat programs have more focus on adventure.  
  7. WFV team in Whistler is bigger, due to increased services in partnership with the Westin. Things like complimentary shuttle, daily housekeeping, and concierge. Vancouver Island is best suited for those who don’t require the added amenities and hands-on service.

We hope to welcome you to an upcoming weight loss camp. Get in touch to take the first step!

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