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No gym required! Cat Smiley’s weight loss boot camp is 100% outside (even in winter)

Could you exercise 5+ hours per day? Here’s how we do it at our weight loss boot camp at West Coast Fitness Vacations.

The ethos of our wellness retreat (fitness programming).

Weight loss boot camp programs get you fit in a way that’s not only achievable, it’s rewarding and fun. Some of the top benefits of joining a wellness retreat like West Coast Fitness Vacations are that in just three weeks, magic starts to happen.

You can trust the results from your your training at WFV weight loss boot camp and wellness retreats. It’s hard to believe them at first, because they seem accelerated. And they are! While we know you’re not going to be exercising or training 3 hours per day at home, here’s the deal. Hunkering down and giving yourself a dedicated couple of weeks of full time workouts is smart. After your fitness retreat, you’ll feel positive about the change you’re making, motivated to continue.

As the Fitness Director of West Coast Fitness Vacations, (a wellness retreat travel company in B.C., Canada) my role is to create incredible and unique workouts. Our health retreat fitness programming is completely outside, rain, hail, snow or shine. My thought behind this one is that if you can exercise outside in the West Coast winter, you can workout anywhere and anytime. Voila, life-long exercising habits are born! And then of course, along came the pandemic and nobody really likes all the cleaning and group stuff we have to do.

And the bottom line, it’s just nicer, better, and more adventurous to make nature our gym. Our many happy health retreat clients agree – click here to hear their stories.

high five weight loss boot camp

Ready to take a closer look? Let’s jump in.

In this post I’ll share our typical training schedule, so you can pick which wellness retreat vibes best with you. And right at the end, I’ll explain the science behind why our clients get such amazing results from just a few weeks at our weight loss retreats in Canada. You’ll learn more about:

  • What’s in the weight that you lose (not all of it’s fat)
  • Why cholesterol improves so much
  • The unlikely reason that staying focused is easier.

Why wellness retreats in B.C. are worth staying local for

weight loss boot camp

Key differences in programming

West Coast Fitness Vacations has two distinctive styles of wellness retreats. Our weight loss retreat programs in Whistler have more focus on adventure activities.

Vancouver Island is a weight loss camp whereby outdoor exercise is king. We do this at gorgeous oceanside parks, fields, forests and on the beach. It’s a lot of fun.

In Whistler, we achieve our daily cardio quota with hiking, biking, and outdoor fitness classes. We also kayak one day a week. There are tutorials and workshops for each trip style, working through the curriculum that has become the blueprint of our wellness retreats.

Insiders scoop – curriculum will soon be made into a paperback book – Eat, Move, Learn. Guests of our wellness retreats will have first preview!

West Coast Fitness Vacations

Outdoor personal training workouts that just make sense

Both Vancouver Island and Whistler weight loss boot camp and fitness retreat programs include outdoor personal training. In Whistler, this is whenever the occasion presents itself and in Vancouver Island it’s scheduled and structured.

These personal training sessions are with the other wellness retreat guests and vary, depending on what’s best. This could be some lower body strength training while the last person in the group catches up, or a stretch class in the forest.

West Coast Fitness Vacations uses a multiple activity workout schedule in small group format. These packages are set up with weight loss as the key focus, which means that everyone is working towards the same common goal.

outdoor shoesIsn’t it too much for beginners?

Hey, I hear you. When you’re scrolling through your phone reading about a typical day at our weight loss boot camp, it seems a LOT. And it is – especially if you’ve done zero exercise in a very long time. Yet that’s why we need so much time. We need to take it slower than sometimes is expected. There’s time between workouts to assess and reevaluate.

I’ve been a weight loss coach and master fitness trainer for a while. I completely trust myself and my methodology with plus size fitness programming.

Whistler Fitness Vacations Review - Ashley

Weight loss coaching that you can trust

Your wellness retreat at West Coast Fitness Vacations will be detailed, strategic, intelligent, researched & personalized. In my role as a fitness leader, I’m continually furthering my education – staying on top of the latest research. That’s important to me, as I really want to give my clients the best possible solutions.

  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for almost 20 years.
  • 11 years of losing 1000 total pounds or more with my client base
  • Average weight loss (for clients 230-260lb starting weight) is 23 lbs per month.
  • Average time to lose 100lbs with me: 7 months and 2 weeks. I usually do 7 x 100lb weight loss projects per year.

I am writing this blog post and will also be your trainer while the pandemic is in effect. We’re operating with a maximum of 4 guests per session until September 2021. Then we’ll move to 6. This is because I’m being super careful with covid, and more guests means more staff…. More people overall. For now, I’m thrilled to be operating as the lead solo of my wellness retreat weight loss boot camp client experiences.

westin health club

Whistler FItness Vacations is located at the Westin Resort and Spa, Whistler (above)

Multidimensional fitness programming

Whistler Fitness Vacations is definitely a boot camp weight loss vacation, but it’s a powerful place where you feel safe. Safe in your abilities to rise above preconceived restrictions that may have previously held you back from trying certain fitness moves. Safe from judgement.

Results at our weight loss camp in B.C. are accelerated as you find that stubborn person inside you and convince her to be an athlete. By continually bringing new sequences to your workouts your body experiences targeted strength and dramatically improved athletic performance.

You’ll prevent injuries and build multiple foundations of fitness with carefully designed combinations of 5 different fitness classes and small group personal training. Our most popular classes include Learn to Run, Sports Stretch, Water Boot Camp, Athletic Conditioning and Strength Training.

While classes are mostly scheduled outside, if extra modification is needed they will be run in a small group private training format. Small group personal training may be offered (no more than 4 guests in your session) at our beautiful partnership health club. Master new skills, push your physical limits and elevate your perception of what you can achieve!

Why this wellness retreat in Canada MUST be on your bucket list

weight loss boot camp staff

West Coast Fitness Vacations guides are the best in the business! Click here to learn about our team.

You’ll never feel left out, or left behind.

  • “What if I’m the oldest, or most out-of-shape at your women’s fitness camp?”
  • “I don’t want to injure myself on a fat camp vacation! ”
  • “Imagine if I do all this work and still don’t lose the weight?”
  • “What if I put the weight back on?”

Most have asked themselves these things at least once during the signup process for our beginner fitness retreats. But if you have met our base fitness requirements, then we’ve got a program for you. We’ll teach you how to be compassionate with yourself, and that includes setting the right goals for where you are now.

Vancouver Island residential weight loss camp (biggest loser style) – 1-4 months

weight loss water boot campLow impact, high intensity workouts

The best wellness retreats know that beginner bodies don’t work at the same speed sometimes, as beginner enthusiasm does! For that reason, our weight loss retreats for women prioritize weight-bearing exercises (such as hiking).

These activities will strengthen and build your bones – an excellent way to slow down bone loss as you age.Walking is easier for most guests at our luxury fitness retreat programs, but often their fitness is too high to get the cardiovascular benefits that running could. Yet their bodies don’t like running due to prior injuries or restrictions, so we make it amazing with incredible hiking routes and high-intensity hills.

Whistler guided hiking tours are a popular program at Whistler Fitness Vacations. These can build up to running for a few minutes on the flatter terrain – the dirt trails are nice on the joints. We also go on big walks around the famous Valley Trail of Whistler, our stunning pedestrian road that winds 40 kms. around rivers, lakes and forests.

You’ll improve quickly at our health retreat. Each day on your outdoor fitness retreats, you’ll be challenged to the next level. You’ll use new muscles and work your heart and lungs harder, building your fitness with fast progression.

Learn more about our Whistler guided hiking tours 

whistler hikingHiking retreats and walking for fitness

Ten thousand daily steps is the base minimum part of your stay with West Coast Fitness Vacations. Whether you choose Whistler or Vancouver Island location, both programs guide you with nature walks in some of B.C.’s most pristine trails.

Our Whistler wellness retreats include hiking as part of the ongoing fitness activity. These are carefully selected based on guests ability, fitness level and hiking experience. Discover the ancient glaciers and volcanic history of both the Whistler valley and alpine – while revisiting the iconic places made famous by the 2010 Olympic Games. Have lunch under the Olympic rings on Blackcomb Mountain, or snap a photo with the Inukshuk on the Top of The World at the Whistler peak (summer sessions only).

With multiple group levels and route plans carefully designed for each guest, you’ll feel safe (and confident) in your abilities. Whistler’s incredible valley links over 40 kms. of multi-use trails that wind between the stunning lakes, forests and rivers. Alpine hiking is scheduled for July and August guests looking to challenge themselves in the world famous Peak2Peak accessed terrain.

Whistler Fitness Vacations includes biking and fitness kayaking as part of it’s multi-adventure weekly activity. Water boot camp is scheduled during off-peak hours, when the pool is quiet. It’s a way to cool off while getting your ‘cardio quota’ after a big day in the mountains!

7 great reasons why a wellness staycation In Canada is more enticing (than ever)

weight loss boot camp hikingBiking on the valley trails, Whistler weight loss camp

Take in the stunning landscape of Whistler’s valley while cruising along the 40km paved trails that link our best scenic spots. With the company of our experienced fitness retreat guides, you’ll love the customized routes that we put together for you! Hiking and biking is part of the aerobic requirement needed for body transformation goals. Training targets are carefully assigned, and heart rate monitors are essential.

Kayaking For The First Time!

Fitness kayaking in the glacial lake

Fitness kayaking in one of the valleys most picturesque lakes is one of the best aerobic workouts of the week. With kayaks and life jackets to fit all sizes, even if you’ve never paddled, stable single boats and detailed instructions will get you quickly confident. Professionally qualified kayak instructors from Whistler Eco Tours (our partners) are on hand for tips as needed. Kayaking is unguided free time for you to enjoy.

Water boot camp at the Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler

When the pool is quiet, we offer this class with our guests who are staying at the Westin. This high-intensity zero impact class uses barbells, buoyancy belts, and resistance fins. We keep your head above water and your heart in the cardio zone throughout. The forgiving water environment lets you sprint, jump and do exercises that you never thought possible.

strength trainingSignature wellness retreat workouts

Below are my four top classes at our wellness retreat programs.

  1. Athletic Conditioning. During your fitness retreat, you’ll learn techniques and form to improve overall athleticism. Using medicine balls and fun training tools (such as hurdles and ladders) these workouts are fun, empowering and playful.
  2. Learn To Run. If you feel stuck in a fast walk then this workshop will be truly transformative – it’s one of the most memorable workshop! You’ll learn the adaptive form of gentle jogging that will elevate your heart rate without putting pain or discomfort on your joints.
  3. Sports Stretch. Our stretch classes are truly an inspiring experience, especially when we get to go onto the Lost Lake dock surrounded by water! We’ll teach you easy-to-follow routines that will drastically improve your mobility, with yoga inspired moves that are adjusted for you.
  4. Strength Training. We’ll introduce you to the basics of strength training with simple exercises that you can do at home. Outdoor workouts are one of the best parts of your fitness retreat, and we also use the health club at the Westin sometimes. You’ll learn restorative conditioning exercises throughout your fitness retreat experience.

weight loss boot camp kayakingBut won’t you gain all the weight back?

Depending on your starting point, you can expect to lose upwards of 20 pounds in your first month at our weight loss boot camp. This is both muscle glycogen loss and stored fats. Usually those that come to our health retreat with history of higher intake of starch-based carbs lose more – initially.

Similar to the carb loading principal before an athletic event – excess carb creates excess glycogen. Athletes can lose more than 10 pounds in a strenuous physical event, much of it, excess glycogen and sodium.

The same principal applies to your first couple of weeks at a fitness retreat.

Click here to learn about upcoming wellness retreats and weight loss camp programs.

weight loss boot campWeight loss will be faster – and not all of it is fat

Exercise of any kind greatly increases your metabolism, as compared to being sedentary. At West Coast Fitness Vacations, you’ll be moving throughout the day. We do 3 hours training per day – regardless what wellness retreat trip style you choose. The Vancouver Island weight loss boot camp program is probably the most intensive exercise regimen.

The weight that you lose is safe and sustainable, even if it’s coming off quickly. Normally your body has two sources of energy, one from stored fats and muscle glycogen, the other from food you just ate. Your body uses the most readily available energy, those that are stored near and is within the working tissues, so fats are the one that would be burned first through exercise.

Nancy Snyderman, MD, a FITNESS advisory board member, editor-in-chief of BeWell.com, and chief medical editor for NBC news says it all.

“It’s pretty simple: You need to burn more calories than you consume in order to lose weight, Regular exercise blasts excess calories that would otherwise be stored as fat. Plus, you continue to burn calories even in the hours following your workout.”

Once your body has adapted to using this stored fuel through exercise, it automatically burns them – even when you’re resting!

trail runningEvery change you decide to make is a step closer towards your goal.

In an interview with Dr. Carly Stewart, Medical Expert at Money Crashers Personal Finance,Dr. Stewart said that,

Generally speaking, you can expect to feel healthier and stronger after two to three weeks of exercise (along with a proper diet). However, you may not see any significant changes in muscle growth or weight loss (depending upon your goals) until after the first few months.

Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL) or the bad fats are the ones that cling to the arteries and can cause heart attacks. They are decreased with the help of the good soldiers, The High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL) which are increased through exercise. “The right kinds of workouts, done regularly, can raise levels of heart-protecting HDL cholesterol and drop dangerous triglyceride levels.” – Robert H. Eckel, MD, professor of medicine in the cardiology division at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

weight loss boot camp customersIncreased focus, productivity and alertness

At West Coast Fitness Vacations, the daily workout schedule is what you might call ‘heart pumping!’ You see, training makes your body pump more blood to your muscles. This increases alertness especially during the first few weeks of exercise, consequently increasing brain function.

Dr. Stewart explained the reason why,

Exercise improves oxygen flow to the brain. It also helps the body release hormones that assist in brain cell growth. Additionally, it helps the brain with both learning and memory capabilities.

Exercise affects your brain both directly and indirectly. Exercise reduces inflammation, decreases insulin resistance and helps in producing new blood vessels in your brain. The indirect gains that you can get from exercising are that improved sleep, as you’ll have reduced anxiety and stress.


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