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Wellness Retreat Expert Share’s “Pretty Cool” Things From The Internet This Week (October 3)

Cat Smiley, wellness retreat expert shares a youtube video from the week of Oct 3, 2020 on the weeks best fitness, health and nutrition news.

I’m Cat, wellness retreat expert and fitness nerd who loves to research the latest in all things health, weight loss and diet. I own a weight loss camp on Vancouver Island and staying on top of latest research really helps.

I’m thinking of doing videos like these every week. I love to share the latest information with not just to be a wellness retreat expert. That probably sounds strange giving myself that ‘wellness retreat expert’ title but I’ve facilitated over 430 weeks so….

Anyways I like to keep my email subscribers informed and updated. This video is listed as public on YouTube at the moment but the next one will be private for my subscribers only. You can signup here to have me send the next one to you.

Ok, jumping in! In this article you’ll find the main points and links to their studies). Plus the best photos from some route planning I did for upcoming weight loss camp hiking adventures – beautiful Mount Washington!


wellness retreat expert hiking trailsWEIGHT LOSS

On August 20, 2020 a study (click here to read) was released relating to the best diet for obese adults over 65 years old.

This was really interesting to me because it looked at the effects of weight loss on a very low carbohydrate diet. It also reviewed specific adipose tissue depots and insulin sensitivity. Very helpful to how I’ll be designing the food plan at West Coast Fitness Vacations weight loss camps in Canada moving forward.

The diet from this randomized clinical study that led to the most weight loss included his protein. Participants ate 3 whole eggs per day along with other protein sources including meat, fish, pork, and poultry.

At our weight loss retreats we go without eating land animals for detoxification purposes, for a limited period of time. However after wellness retreat guests return home, they’re encouraged to include meat if they wish. This study backed up the advice that I’ve been giving weight loss camp guests for years at West Coast Fitness Vacations. I was happy to see that!


hiking weight loss campThe best dietary approach from the study

The study emphasized low-glycemic sources of carbohydrate, and included mainly whole foods, such as leafy greens, non-starchy vegetables, some fruits, and high fiber grains with minimal highly processed grain products and added sugar.

Fat-containing foods included olive, coconut, and nut oils; butter; tree nuts and nut butters; cheese; cream; coconut milk; and avocados and A number of full-fat dairy products were included.

Saturated fat from red meat was `limited to less than 10% of daily caloric intake. Patients obtained the majority of their fat intake from mono-unsaturated fatty acids (e.g. olive oil), and medium-chain triglycerides (e.g., coconut oil and cream); from nuts and nut butters; and from fresh fish.


wellness retreat expert pacoNUTRITION

It’s no secret that I love coffee and this week had International Coffee Day (1 October).

The new study October 2, 2020 found that drinking coffee after breakfast, not before, improves metabolic control. The study  looked at the combined effects of disrupted sleep and caffeine on our metabolism – with surprising results.


READ: A Good Workout Could Boost Your Thinking for Up to 2 Hours

Sept. 17, 2020 (HealthDay News) — A few minutes of moderate- to high-intensity aerobic activity — like running or biking — can boost young adults’ memory and concentration for up to two hours, a new research review shows.

That’s the takeaway from 13 studies published between 2009 and 2019. All looked at the short-term impact of bicycling, walking and/or running on the mental health of 18- to 35-year-olds.

“We found that two minutes to one hour of aerobic exercise at moderate to high intensity improves the learning ability and storage in memory for up to two hours in young adults,” said Dr. Peter Blomstrand, who led the research review.

READ: 20 Hip-Strengthening Exercises You Can Do at Home

I’ve been adding more hip strengthening recently in both my own workouts and clients at the wellness retreat. The hips absorb most of the movement of your body SO adding strength to the part of your body that gives you the greatest support will improve your ability to move throughout daily tasks.


mt washingtonGreat workout you should try

The best workout on the internet this week was Tone Your Arms wth a Bath Towel with Anna Kaiser. I loved everything about this workout, and I’ll link her below so you can give it a try. She also has a live version, linked above.

Here’s the workout.


In health news, well although I try to stay away from talking about politics, we can’t avoid the big topic this week about the US. President. Donald Trump is 74 years old and clinically obese, putting him at higher risk of serious complications from a virus that has infected more than 7 million people nationwide.

One study found that, compared with a normal BMI, being overweight increased the risk of admission to intensive care by about 50 per cent, rising to more than double the risk for those with a BMI of 30 to 35, and about a four-fold increased risk for those with a BMI over 35.

There are steps an obese person can take to protect his or her health. Everyone should be taking precautions to stay healthy, but those at higher risk for severe illness should be even more cautious and even more vigilant.

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