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Why living your dream is the biggest adventure you can take

Living your dream is about creating a lifestyle where you can spend time on the things that matter. When you do this, you'll be happier & healthier.

13 Things You Need To Know Before Taking The Leap

Living your dream takes bravery, commitment and purpose. Most people plug away for years (and possibly decades) to maintain their comfortable life. They may have passions, but they’re happy with doing them occasionally, perhaps once a year on vacation. That’s totally okay!

But what if you could recreate your life to be able to pursue your passion more often? Perhaps even get paid to do it?

Or maybe you want to smash the glass ceiling in a weird and whacky business idea, that you can’t stop thinking about. Travel to far away countries without having to move mountains to make it happen…..?

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When you’re in the thinking stage of making significant life changes, you don’t need to know exactly what you want the outcome to be. Instead, think about what brings you joy and happiness – or makes you feel successful.

Is there someone doing something, or living a lifestyle who you admire? Piece these thoughts together, write them down. These are the dots that will connect at some point, turning themselves into action plans and goals.

The life that I’m living right now used to be my dream. Owning my own wellness retreat company, doing what I’m so passionate about, sharing both my work and personal life with wonderful people. It’s a blessing – but it was a blessing that wasn’t given to me. It was created BY ME.  

And in this post, I’m going to share with you some things that people don’t tell you about what it really takes!

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1 – You Weren’t Put On This Earth To Just Survive It

Real talk for a second.

You could be in the most beautiful house, with a loving family and all the wealth in the world. But if days are spent doing things that aren’t aligned with your true passions, you’ll literally just drift.

Most people don’t know what their dream is. And some only THINK that they know what their dream is.

They might be in love with the idea of having a dream, but not in love with the action required to pursue it. Many idolize the notion of that ‘big scary dream’ because that’s what society tells us we should have. We also have lost dreams by the time we hit adulthood, a graveyard of all the things we ‘could’ve’ done in our life. Could… should… didn’t.

Hey it’s totally okay. Nobody follows a straight line to the heights of achievement.

Yet PASSION is the one thing that connects those that stay happy through these curveballs – and those that crumble.

Keep reading,  I’m going to show you how to find it.

wellness retreat banner2 – Passion Can Take Years To Discover.

With passion comes purpose – and with purpose comes action. When you’ve got a purpose driven dream, nothing will stop you from pursuing it.

But don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t found your passion yet. Most people haven’t – totally fine. Moving your mindset into the present is the first step. What part of today did you especially love? Write it down – notice it.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist. – Oscar Wilde.

Perhaps your passion was something that you haven’t done for a long time. Sometimes you’ll need to take a break and go back to it.

For example, if you’re a passionate tennis player and wind up being a single Mom for a few years, the passion won’t die. When it’s time to pick the tennis racquet back up, you’ll figure out how to Mom – and get your daily drills in. You’ll make it work out because it’s important to you.

Yet if it were something that you weren’t so passionate about, like, art.. then maybe you’d never get back into it. It’d be one of those “I used to paint” conversations that might feel nostalgic, but not with a sense of yearning. Likely art was a hobby, not a passion. 

dogs living your dream
Whistler Fitness Vacations is a dog friendly fitness retreat. Get in shape with your best friend!

3 – Following Your Dream Is Always Worth It (Even If It Doesn’t Work Out).

Sometimes you get caught up in life being kind of crappy. It’s during the darker days that having a dream is even more important. This dream will keep you motivated, despite your present circumstances.

But dreams without an action plan aren’t very helpful. Dreams should get you going in the morning, and make you want to take action to turn into reality. This reality takes a solid strategy to action. As someone who has lived through several of my own personal dreams all the way until fruition, it’s great to offer one of the best life-coaching retreats with body positive fitness at the core of the curriculum.

Through being part of hundreds of wonderful clients weight loss journey, I’ve learnt that slimming down to healthy weight is step one towards feeling happier and more positive. It’s simply impossible to get clear about the other things in your life that are worth chasing, when obesity is in the way.

Dreaming of achieving healthy weight is an actionable, practical investment in yourself, with endless returns.

whistler fitness vacations
Whistler mountain has stunning alpine trails that are perfect for beginner hikers.

4 – Failing Is Also Worth It.

Very few can jump on a dream and follow through the action steps to bring it into reality.

There are many times that it’ll feel like your world is falling apart, and all you can do is watch. Maybe you’ll be using this time to simply only read about what to do. Perhaps that scrolling bought you to read this post today.

Turning these days back into your actual first day sometimes takes many tries. But you need to keep trying to make a fresh start. Even if you sign up to join one of the best weight loss retreats for women, ultimately how much weight you lose depends on you. Your effort, attitude, attendance and of course, desire. You need to know why you actually want to lose the weight, otherwise you’ll lose focus once the weight loss camp is over. To maximize the benefit from any kind of personal coaching retreats, you need to be ‘all in’ – and this means, doing the inner work. Looking inwards.

I hear about people who’ve quit smoking, for example. Few of them quit on the first try.

But the more times you try to quit, the closer you become to the next attempt being the one that sticks.

5 – Somewhere When Following Your Dream, You’ll Mess Up.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Keep going – it’s not a race. It’s a marathon, sometimes a frickin ultra marathon. One that never ends, and that’s the expectation that we need to have about the journey ahead. Look back at what you’ve done this far – tell yourself that you’re a warrior!

Being human is something that you can’t change, and humans mess up. As long as you keep moving, you’ll get better at it.

Experience is a great teacher. Keep your heart open to learning from all the great lessons along your journey.

living your dream6 – If It Matters Enough, Spend The Money To Do It Right.

The more that you surround yourself with people who are also following their aspirations, the further you’ll go.

This doesn’t mean to say that there won’t be moments when you feel undeserving of success. Yet these are times in the pursuit of challenge that other people with similar goals will motivate and uplift you. It’s this community that’ll make it easier to keep going, and then you’ll become an example to others to follow.

I’m continually meeting women at my personal coaching retreats that serve as a positive example. Whether it be in their work, their family dynamic or peer circle, even joining a week long health retreat can bring like-minded people together in a powerful way.

7 – Say Yes To New Adventures And Coaching.

Loved ones don’t always know what to say, when you share your goals with them in the beginning stages. They’re not coaches. Coaching is a skill – it’s seriously has taken me YEARS to learn how to say the right things, at the right times, and in the right tone to my clients who share their dreams with me.

I’ve navigated my own snakes and ladders over the past few decades. In fact, I’m pretty much the expert at getting myself back up when I fall.

It was my dream to create the best weight loss vacations that I can possibly imagine. Beginner fitness retreats are often filled with emotion and frustration, as women move through the learning curves of athleticism.

weight loss retreat blessings WFV
Leading Whistler hiking tours, beginner paced hiking retreats in B.C.

8 – Take It One Day Per Day, And Break That Day Into Mini Time Blocks

Some dreams and goals take longer for you to achieve, than maybe someone else. Focus on progressing each day, taking care of yourself and doing what you can, when you can. The end goal will be really worth it when you do little things daily.

I call this the ‘one day per day’ factor. You can always start over if the result isn’t what it needs to be, or if you veer off track. But the key thing is to show up every day with the intention to get through ONLY the day in front of you.

Don’t tell yourself that you’re ‘never going to smoke again,’ for example. Instead, set the goal of not smoking today. Then break that down into mini-goals of not smoking before breakfast, then not smoking at 10am. Then making it to noon without a cigarette. Want to keep going? Cool. Can you make it to 2pm? Evening?

Before you know it, you haven’t smoked all day.

9 – If You Get Off Track Or ‘Mess Up’, It’s Repairable

Think of it like a game.

Maybe you’ll mess up… get sent right back to the beginning where you’re starting over. What a blessing it is to have that opportunity!

Many people, and many situations don’t. Like, I mean if you accidentally create the kind of massive damage that isn’t repairable. Like, breaking something of huge sentimental value to someone. The legal term for ‘irreparable’ in its relation to damage or injury caused is when the harm can’t be compensated with money, or actions that bring back things to what they were.

Messing up your diet or exercise plan isn’t irreparable. That’s a win!  It’ll just take a little longer, that’s all. Be hard on yourself but not so hard that the experience isn’t enjoyable. It’s okay to not be where you think you should be, or where you could be.

10 – You Can Only Go As Far As Your Resources Allow

Finding your true potential takes a lot of discipline, hard work and strategy. Understand that you might not be able to ever reach your true potential, you can only do what your resources permit you to do. Setting high expectations that are impossible to achieve is a disabling habit that needs to end RIGHT NOW.

Whistler Fitness Vacations is renowned for being of the best weight loss retreats in Canada, not only for the results. The overall experience of an outdoor fitness vacation with a weekly schedule of ‘all day’ activity can give guests a lot of hope. While this has a positive side, sometimes it’s unrealistic. I’ve heard clients on day one of their body transformation retreat share their goal of losing 30+ pounds in a month.

This is not only unsafe, it’s also not possible.

kayaking at health vacations in whistler

Kayaking is one of the favorite adventure activities at Whistler Fitness Vacations ?

11 – Want To Succeed? Be Careful Who You Share Your Goals With!

It’s tough to go at it alone, but research recommends being careful who you share your aspirations with.

Howard Klein, lead author of the new study and professor of management and human resources at The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business explains…

Contrary to what you may have heard, in most cases you get more benefit from sharing your goal than if you don’t — as long as you share it with someone whose opinion you value,” Klein said.

Chasing and/or living your dream needs you to go at your available pace. There’ll be moments where you’ll need to remind yourself just to breathe. Meditation will help.

Give yourself the advice you would give to a beloved friend. Each choice, and each decision will lead you closer to the end result (so make the right ones!)

12 – Be Your Own Cheerleader First.

You are here! You still believe! You’re doing this!!!! Really, isn’t this more than 99% of the world who has given up?

Whatever little thing you can do today (towards being better tomorrow) really and truly will count. When you’re living your dream each day, and getting closer to turning it into reality you’ll feel incredibly proud. Pride is one of the best feelings of all.

I’m always impressed with the wonderful ladies that join my weight loss summer camps in Canada.  Some have experienced significant life change, from divorce to caring for aging parents full-time. People join for many reasons, but everyone has the same common goal – to be active and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Completing my weight loss wellness retreat with Cat and her team was a life-changing experience. Their attention and willingness to motivate gave me optimal health! It took a lot of thought for me to say yes to a plus size fitness vacation but I’m confident that long term success is achievable. – Mary Ruperts.

Why This Wellness Retreat In Canada MUST Be On Your 2020 Bucket List

13 – Surround Yourself With The Best Team Possible.

If you want to achieve a goal, make sure you share your objective with the right person. In a new set of studies, researchers found that people showed greater goal commitment and performance when they told their goal to someone they believed had higher status than themselves. – SCIENCE DAILY

Coaches guide people towards the future, while therapists work with people’s past and present. Coaching is very different from therapy. We help our clients to identify how to make their own lives better. We lead them towards the actionable steps needed to achieve them, then holding them accountable as they are completed.

digital detox retreats guests smiling

Get to know the other guests at Whistler Fitness Vacations – we unplug only during program hours.

I’ve Lived My Dream Several Times.

As a child, I wanted skiing to be more than a vacation. So as a teenager, I got a job in a french ski resort as a nanny. When the kids were at school, I was skiing. I clocked about a hundred days on skis that year, and learnt how to ski to an expert level.

The next dream I followed was to try to qualify for the Olympics in skiing. I chased winters, flying between hemispheres doing odd jobs like waitressing. Anything to get me on the mountain during the day. After 14 back-to-back winters, eight years of ski seasons, I moved to Whistler and became a Canadian resident.

As for the Olympics, although I didn’t make it, I was short-listed for 1998 in moguls and did everything I could have done to be considered for two other Olympics. That’s 12 frickin years of focus, discipline and full time commitment skiing on the international stage. I took it all the way until it’s natural end, and really this is something I’m eternally proud of.

Finding out that it wasn’t lack of resources, or missed opportunity that I didn’t make it, gave me huge relief. I just wasn’t good enough. It’s hard to explain how awesome it feels to know that I spent that chapter of my life, truly living my dream all the way to it’s natural end.

skiing living your dream

Spending 20+ years in Whistler skiing throughout winter was something I once only dreamed about. I made it happen – and you can too~

Now I Coach Others To Discover Their Potential

Our guests uncover one of the most important rules of happiness in life. They discover what they love, do it everyday of their stay, and rediscover joy.

Between hiking in pristine Canadian forests, biking the mountain valley and losing weight every day; they discover their athletic possibility. This experience is both liberating and empowering. It makes them WANT to continue with healthier lifestyles. It’s the dream, rediscovered!

Team work, makes the dream work! Click here to learn more about Whistler Fitness Vacations health retreat in B.C., Canada

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